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Zett – Das Magazin der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste – 1 – 2013

A platform for artists to experiment

Kunst & Medien / Zett 1–13 37 In each presentation the space took on a new form with the content the artists generated. All of the events were meant to be site-specific, so that the work was made uniquely for HQ and installed in a manner that responded to the distinct nature of the architecture. However, no installation was limited to the geographical restraints of the Zurich area. The artists would choose how to best communicate the experience via HQ’s Web space, by any means they wished to use – image, text, video, audio, or a combination thereof. In other words, the online viewer could see the photographic documentation of the installation as well as the recontextualized version of the work on the Internet. Although the space in Zurich is closed, further information and the projects can be seen online at * Adam Cruces (USA) ist Student im MA Fine Arts, Dept. Kunst & Medien ( Tobias Klauser und Louisa Gagliardi zeichneten für die Ausstellungsarchitektur und die Grafik verantwortlich. headquarters Headquarters (HQ) was initiated in February 2012 and closed in February 2013. Always intended to be a yearlong endeavor, HQ served as a platform based in Zurich and online. It was founded and directed by Adam Cruces, with the assistance of Tobias Klauser and Louisa Gagliardi.* HQ provided a context for artists to experiment and produce experiences that complement one another, while being tai- lored to the audience, through materials and digital modes of presentation. From the beginning, the idea was to present projects of young foreign artists, who had not exhibited their work in Zurich before. Thus giving them an opportunity to engage a new audience, while, conversely, exposing the local audience to new individuals and their work. There were seven separate events, involving the following artists: Niko Princen (Amsterdam, NL); Melissa Sachs (New York City, USA); Cameron Soren (New York City, USA); Parker Ito (Los Angeles, USA); Martin Kohout (Berlin, DE); Kareem Lotfy (Cairo, EG); Amalia Ulman (London, UK); Micah Schip- pa (Chicago, USA); and Jon Rafman (Montreal, CA). Amalia Ulman, «Savings & Shelves», 2012. Foto: Adam Cruces